Terms of Delivery

Prices, shipping charges and delivery information

The prices mentioned on the product pages contain the statutory value-added tax and other price components.

We deliver within Germany, the EU and Switzerland. For deliveries outside Germany, the EU or Switzerland, please use our contact form. Your shipping costs will be calculated individually.

In addition to the stated prices, we charge additional costs for delivery.
The shipping costs will be clearly indicated in the shopping basket system and on the order page during the ordering process.

Please refer to the tables below for our shipping costs.

Shipping: within Germany

For a purchase below 100 € 4,90 €
For a purchase over 100 € free shipping

Shipping: Within the European Union

small parts 8,00 €
Oxamate & Smoker 9,00 €
Oxal-Tablets 12,00 €
MW-shape / Gasoxamate 15,00 €
bee sweeper 24,00 €

Shipping: To Switzerland

small parts 10,00 €
Oxamate & Smoker 18,00 €
Oxal-Tablets 15,00 €
MW-shape / Gasoxamate 22,00 €
bee sweeper 32,00 €


The shipping costs package contains the statutory value-added tax.