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Bee sweeper with easily removable brushes

containing a bee transport unit and with easily removable brushes

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Bee sweeper with easily removable brushes

The automatic bee sweeper allows the beekeepers to sweep off their bees quickly and cleanly from the honeycomb into the extractable bee collecting box below. The effort and time-consuming work of turning away is greatly simplified with the device.
For the first time, this device enables an enormous time saving of more than 50% during the work with the colonies.
Therefore professional beekeeper have a substantial labor cost advantage.

The bee sweeper is effortless to use with one hand and therefore it is perfectly suitable for beekeepers with many colonies (professional beekeeper) as well as for disabled beekeepers.

Shortly after the turn-off process, the device switches off, therefore very little power is consumed, a few hundred honeycombs could be sewpt off with one battery charge.

The bees are swept off softly and without bumps from the honeycombs, this is achieved by the special soft brushes and the quiet running of the machine.

Due to the relatively light weight of approx. 9 kg it can be transported easily. Dimensions: 630 x 350 x 450 mm

The bee sweeper has already proven itself in practice  the sweeping process is much more gentle for the bees than the reversing and repelling by hand. The drawer can be pulled out to empty the bees. The brushes can be  removed easily for cleaning in a water bath.

The insertion of bee escapes the day before can be eliminated by the use of the bee sweeper. (You do not have to go to the beehive and lift up the heavy honey-frames. The honeycombs are already cold and can not be hurled as well).
The device is operated with a NiMh battery.

Particularly suitable…

  • for honeycomb extraction during centrifugation
  • to form artificial colonies
  • if bees should be quickly swept off from the frames
  • for professional beekeepers and beekeepers with more than 10 colonies it is an enormous work facilitation and time saving
  • an unprecedented innovation in beekeeping technology that you should acquire giving you plenty of time for other work.

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Weight 12 kg




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Technical Data

Technical data

Power unit with accumulator: 12V. 4.5Ah
weight: 9,5 kg
dimensions: 630 x 350 x 450 mm 
able for all current frames (inclusive Dadant) 
(on demand: with additional cable also tapping on a car battery)
bees catching box with slide: within room for bees of approx. 10 frames


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